Training Horses, Helping People . . . One Client at a Time


SS Ranch 77 is a small equestrian business with a two-part vision. 

We cater to the general horse lover and anyone who wants to learn more about horses or overcome their personal fear of these large, beautiful animals. We provide a safe introduction to horses and non-competition horseback riding lessons. Horse lovers of all ages learn to be safe around horses and improve their skills in their chosen area of horsemanship. 

We also have a heart for partnering with horses, communicating with cues they understand to improve the human-to-equine relationship. We work with horses of various backgrounds, from ex-racehorses to 6-month-old foals, to teach them to consistently follow signals and become safe friends and partners.


Training Horses, Helping People . . . One Client at a Time. 

SS Ranch 77 comes alongside horses and horse lovers to improve teamwork through communication and understanding.


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Training Horses, Helping People . . . One Client at a Time

SS Ranch 77 is a sister duo. We enjoy sharing our love of riding and training by creating a place where horses and horse lovers can work together in a safe and controlled environment.

SS Ranch 77

243 S Escondido Blvd #707, Escondido, California 92025, United States


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