2019 - Certified Horsemanship Association

Classes & Seminars

2019 - 15 Ground Exercises w/Russ Krachun

2019 - Improving the Horse's Performance w/Russ Krachun

2019 - Fearless Rider w/Heidi McLaughlin

2019 - Attended Colt Starting Challenge (Pomona, CA)

About the Trainers

We, Shari and Sheena, have a combined 35 years of equine experience in Western, English, Australian, and General Horsemanship. We regularly attend various horse and horsemanship clinics and seminars, to learn new and effective ways to communicate with horses and horse lovers.

We enjoy assisting others in their non-competitive equine pursuits. 

We began owning and training our own horses in high school and have continued ever since. Our Senior Exhibition projects for high school were focused on training young horses. Our first horse joined us directly from the racetrack and became our Arabian cow horse.

We are twin sisters who have always been best friends and share our love of horses. Some of our earliest memories involving equines are riding our uncle's roping horses.


More About SS Ranch 77

In addition to our barn time, we also love reading, writing, and singing, as well as ballroom and line dancing.

At SS Ranch 77 we use our healthy fear of horses to teach safe interactions with these beautiful yet powerful creatures.