For Horses



A strong foundation starts with consistent training from the ground. We spend the time necessary to ensure that each horse is ready and willing for a rider.

Stay Calm


There are many things that frighten a horse and it is not possible to keep the horse from ever being afraid. Instead, we teach horses how to react when they are scared so everyone stays safe.

Overcome Obstacles


During the course of a day, horses will come upon many obstacles. From going through a gate to willingly entering the horse trailer, we teach horses to calmly move around "strange" objects.

Trail Rides


On the trail, horses and horse lovers will run into several unexpected things, from a wandering cow to tall bushes. We train our horses on trail rides, brings together all the skills learned in the arena. 

Advanced Activities


Once the basics are learned, it can be fun to do something new and interesting for both the horse and the horse lover. We think outside the box, the sky is the limit with training horses and enjoying the time spend with them.